WasteAid partners with Biffa to magnify impact

Waste management company Biffa have chosen WasteAid as their charity partner for the next three years. Biffa will donate annual funds to support WasteAid’s internal infrastructure to enable the charity to support more projects worldwide.


Michael Topham, Chief Executive Officer at Biffa, commented: “We are proud to support WasteAid and share our expertise in parts of the world that urgently need to tackle the complex issue of how to manage waste in a sustainable manner.

“Our financial and technical support will help WasteAid to expand its operations, providing more communities with much needed help as they seek to develop sustainable waste management practices.”


Zoë Lenkiewicz, Head of Programmes and Engagement at WasteAid, adds: “One in three people globally do not have a waste management service and have to burn or dump their waste, much of it ending up in the oceans.

“This transformational partnership with Biffa will mean that together we can help tackle the issues at the source of global waste pollution.”

Without positive intervention environmental and public health issues will inevitably get worse. That’s why Biffa are joining forces with WasteAid, offering their time, expertise, position and funding to help communities to address local waste issues no matter how small, and tackle the everyday challenges created by a lack of waste management.
Biffa have already supplied vital personal protection equipment (PPE) including safety boots, high visibility clothing, face masks, and litter pickers to an existing WasteAid project in Gambia. The project will create green jobs and turn ocean-bound plastic waste into durable paving tiles.

In April 2019, Biffa’s Landfill Business Director, Dean Willet will be heading out to Lake Naivasha in Kenya to offer advice on how Biffa can help support on waste challenges. Many of the local community grow flowers for the European market and have an average income of $2 per day. There is currently no system in place to collect or process solid waste, therefore the objective of this project is to collect, manage and recycle waste to provide a cleaner environment for people to work in.

By partnering with WasteAid, Biffa will be able to bring its extensive experience in addressing complex waste issues in the UK to areas with no previous access to waste management. The work with WasteAid will not only benefit the environment on a global scale, it will also help to bring a better quality of life to people in these areas as well as create jobs and opportunities.

Sarahjane Widdowson, Chair of WasteAid commented: “We are incredibly excited to be working in partnership with Biffa to make waste work around the world.

“The generous donation (of both funds and knowledge) will significantly help to amplify WasteAid’s impact by supporting more communities to develop recycling skills, improve public health and protect the environment.”

Mike Webster, Chief Executive of WasteAid said: “This ongoing support from Biffa means we can grow our organisation and start delivering change at a new level.

“It’s also hugely heartening to the see the UK’s largest waste company take such a stand, showing that they really take their responsibility as waste managers seriously, committing to cleaner, healthier communities around the world.”

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