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“What can I do with…?” is a question we get asked a lot.

Here are some ideas and inspiration from across the internet for simple crafts using waste materials. Many of these crafts are suitable for children, but please take care if you are cutting metal and hard plastics as the edges can be very sharp.


Steel fish can

Make a clamshell box: 


Metallised plastic (confectionery and snack wrappers)

Make a woven purse: 



PET plastic bottles

Make a broom: 

Make very strong string with a plastic bottle cutter: 

Make decorative flowers: 

Use bottles for gardening: 


HDPE plastic bottles

Make a hard plastic sheet or block:



Textile waste

Make a landscape picture using fabric scraps:



Other waste materials

Make toys from trash: 



If you have more ideas you would like to share please contact us!

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