WasteAid receives crucial support from businesses with shared values.

Becoming a WasteAid supporter will help you:

  • Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  • Help communities linked through your supply chain
  • Make a positive impact on global poverty, pollution and climate change
  • Motivate your staff and encourage team building

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Our Get Involved page has tonnes of ideas for fundraising with your colleagues – it’s fun, fulfilling and always worthwhile.



“Biffa’s partnership with WasteAid could not be better matched. Biffa is a leading waste operator in the UK with a firm investment in the future development of sustainable waste management and recycling, and we wanted to utilise our expert knowledge and expertise from the waste industry and extend it through WasteAid’s international projects.


WasteAid is shining a light on the effects of poor or absent waste management within developing countries and working with organisations and other charities to demonstrate how waste can be a resource – a concept which Biffa wholeheartedly promotes.


Biffa’s and WasteAid’s values for the future of waste management and recycling are aligned, and we look forward to nurturing and developing our partnership and finding value in each other’s knowledge.”

Guy Maddock, Group Head of Marketing at Biffa

The challenge

With 3 billion people in the world lacking access to basic waste services, the scope for WasteAid to deliver lasting change is vast. Partnering with WasteAid is a great way to inspire and engage your employees, while delivering tangible progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.




Creating shared value

We are happy to attend your office or event to talk about the global waste challenge and how you can help make a real difference. We can work with you to develop programmes that fit with your CSR priorities, and provide regular reporting so you can measure the impact of your support.

To thank you for joining us, we’ll give you a shout out on the WasteAid website and a press release to tailor and distribute. We’ll send you a Supporter’s Certificate for your office wall, along with updates and inspiring stories to share with your employees.



“Dsposal have supported WasteAid for the last 18 months, since our launch in fact. Partnering with WasteAid on the Waste Matters Theatre at RWM 2018 provided us with a brilliant opportunity to promote our business alongside a leading environmental charity who we share many values with and who are highly regarded by the industry.


For a young start-up this has enabled us to tap into WasteAid’s networks and boost our credibility by association. It’s been a pleasure to support them and watch them go from strength to strength. We look forward to many more years of working together!”

Sophie Walker, COO and Co-Founder at Dsposal



The business case for waste

Recent research has found that every £1 spent on waste management generates £5-£10 of value through improved health, productivity, flood prevention, business and tourism.

Fundraising is also good for your business:

  1. A fundraising strategy increases employee engagement and has a positive impact on the recruitment process.
  2. Active fundraising helps get the message out about your CSR goals and the charities you’re working with, inspiring other people to get involved too.
  3. Each fundraiser who links to Facebook is also sharing your corporate fundraising initiative with all their friends, helping to grow awareness about your CSR initiatives.
  4. Raising money for WasteAid gives tangible help to those who need it most. Employees who volunteer their time to fundraise for us are contributing to lasting change.


The sustainability case for waste

Properly managing waste has a positive impact on:

  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Sustainable livelihoods
  • Equality and human rights
  • The environment (land, air, water, and climate change)

In fact, progress on all of the Sustainable Development Goals can be accelerated through investment in waste management initiatives. Read Waste and the Sustainable Development Goals to find out more.



“We have thoroughly enjoyed supporting WasteAid over the last few years. Our team of chartered waste professionals are passionate about making a difference in the waste sector. Supporting WasteAid allows us to contribute to ‘positive’ change and being a partner has increased our awareness of waste management in low income countries.


We have been able to share the knowledge gained with our clients and contacts, thus enhancing our relationships. By supporting a dynamic and passionate team, it motivates and inspires us to continue to support WasteAid together with other partners.” 

Leanne Trow, Environmental Consultant at Frith Resource Management


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