Your stories of waste around the world are powerful.

Let’s join together to influence decision-makers and help sort the waste crisis for future generations.


To harness people power, we have decided to launch the Eyewitness campaign.

The aim is to gather case studies from places with no waste management. We would like to hear from you about your experiences with waste where you live.

Join the movement and help draw attention to the global waste crisis!

We are inviting you to share your experience of waste with the world. The more of us who take part, the more powerful our stories will become.

Please download the questionnaire, answer the questions and send it back to us with some photos you’d be happy for us to share.

We will use Eyewitness reports on the WasteAid website, in our newsletters and on social media to say “Enough is enough” – we must address the waste crisis and stop polluting our planet.


Stay tuned for regular updates!

Eyewitness: Simon Kateeba in Fort Portal, Uganda

Eyewitness: Simon Kateeba in Fort Portal, Uganda

Contamination of water points by plastic bottles and rotten waste which are scattered everywhere and later directed to the rivers by running rainwater. This later results in an outbreak of chronic diseases like diarrhea dysentery and typhoid.

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Eyewitness: Ssebagala Nasifuh in Kampala, Uganda

Eyewitness: Ssebagala Nasifuh in Kampala, Uganda

This is a personal account provided to WasteAid through our eyewitness campaign.Please describe the waste situation where you live. Household waste is nearly not collected and it is not recycled either. That's why I am stepping up to create a difference in my...

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With your support we can help more communities manage their waste, create recycling jobs and build a healthier future for everyone.

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