This is a personal account provided to WasteAid through our eyewitness campaign.

Please describe the waste situation where you live.

Waste is just dumped.

Do people have to take their waste somewhere or is it collected and taken away from people’s homes? Is it transported by hand, cart or motor vehicle?

They just throw anyhow.

How do most people deal with their waste? Are they generally happy with the situation or not? Why?

They are not happy because it is everywhere.

Do you reduce your waste at home?

We want to start recycling.

Are you aware of problems caused by waste where you live?


WasteAid Eyewitness: Moffatt Kaunda

WasteAid Eyewitness: Moffatt Kaunda

Are there any good things happening with waste that you would like to share?

We need to build up waste management in this place.

If you could make one change in how waste is managed, what would it be and why?

We want to collect all plastics and turn into paving tiles, and some waste into manure.

Who do you think is responsible for improving the waste situation?

Organisations and the community.

Imagine the year is 2030 and we are looking back at how humans solved the waste challenge. How did we do it? What do you think made the biggest impact?


Final comments:

We want WasteAid to visit us.

Thank you Moffat, for joining the WasteAid movement.

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