We enjoyed our final visit to the Gambia on the WasteAid programme funded by UK Aid Direct.

What an adventure we’ve had!


  • Trained 90 people from the coastal village of Gunjur in the problems caused by plastic pollution, and practical alternatives to open dumping and burning


  • Trained 24 trainers from Women’s Initiative the Gambia who can now cascade training to remote rural communities


  • Innovated with the production of high quality paving tiles and other products from plastic waste, learning from our lead trainer Pierre Kamsouloum


  • Engaged with local councils, the National Planning Authority, the National Environment Agency, the UN, the World Bank and the Medical Research Council


  • Developed a pilot programme that has inspired people around the world and provided proof of concept for a sustainable business turning plastic waste into wealth


  • Benefitted from the support and expertise of some brilliant volunteers: Victoria Manning, Jen Robertson, Dave Leeke and Biffa’s Zoë Smith


  • Launched a fledgling company gunjurplastics.com and built a larger recycling centre to scale up capacity


  • Witnessed the personal growth and development of some very impressive young leaders


Thanks to UKAid and WasteAid supporters for making this happen!

Congratulations to all the graduates and trainers who are now qualified to protect their community and the wider environment from plastic pollution!

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