WasteAiders are amazing! That’s nothing new, but right now we are so impressed with the genius fundraising ideas people have come up with for our Spring 2020 appeal.

WasteAid Appeal: Waste Collectors Rock!

Like many charities, we have postponed our Spring 2020 fundraising events and are working with our partners to keep the show on the road.


Waste collectors around the world are doing their bit to keep their communities clean and healthy.


Let’s keep supporting them!


Please support our special appeal and help waste heroes around the world.


Fundraising ideas


Check out some ideas from the wonderfully creative folk at WasteAid HQ, or invent your own! We can’t wait to hear about the creative ways you find to make a positive impact, from home.

1. TikTok #WasteAidChallenge

This challenge starts with a pile of rubbish and ends with a cool video clip.

First, decide what cool craft you’re going to make using clean, dry items from your recycling bin, like a plastic bag, a bottle and a newspaper.

Here’s the challenge:

1. Make a video of yourself throwing the items into the air above your head.

2. Then you turn your trash into treasure (see the #CreateforChange challenge below for ideas).

3. The next video clip shows you catching the your finished product, as if it’s fallen out of the sky!

Then use the TikTok app to stitch the two clips together. Your final video will show you throwing materials in the air and catching the finished product – tada! Post it and tag your video #WasteAidChallenge.

2. #CreateForChange challenge

Challenge your friends and followers to create weird and whacky inventions using waste materials you find at home.

Charge people £1 to enter via your JustGiving page.

Looking for inspiration?

Check out the WasteAid Craft Library!

3. Walk for WasteAid – at home!

How many miles can you walk without leaving home?

Use your energy for something positive!

Walk a million steps for WasteAid – count the steps around your home and work out how many circuits you’ll need to do.

Walk a mile a day for WasteAid and see how many days you can keep it up for!

Try a variation the theme – keepie-uppies, sit-ups, fat-burning workouts…

Don’t forget to set up your sponsor form on JustGiving.

4. Zero waste challenge

Now is a great time to take a look at what you throw away each week.

Count how many pieces of rubbish are in your recycling box or bin at the end of the week. This is your baseline.

Challenge yourself and your friends and family to reduce the number of items of waste you generate each week.

Each week you reduce your waste, you give yourself a pat on the back… but each time you have a larger number than last week, you donate £5 to WasteAid!

5. The upcycle challenge

Do you have an old piece of furniture that’s seen better days? Don’t throw it out!

Get creative and breathe a new lease of life into your old junk. There are thousands of ideas online for sprucing up old bits and bobs around the house.

Share photos of your upcycled gem and encourage your friends to join in.

Hold an online auction, raising money for WasteAid.

You could even have competitions between teams or streets in your neighbourhood to see who can raise the most?

6. The Great British Beard Off!

Have you been cultivating a beautiful beard all winter? Why not get sponsored to shave it off?

Your friends will love joining in to make sure you reach your fundraising goal and make your beard disappear in the name of a good cause.


7. The Living Room Concert Challenge

Can you play a musical instrument, sing or dance? Maybe you’re in a band, an orchestra or a choir? 

People are coming together to perform online – from their own homes, and you can too! 

Maybe you have a talented family and can put on a show from your living room?

Sell tickets for your gig in advance, or encourage donations on the night!



Let’s get fundraising!

Sign up and start telling your friends about your #FundraisingGoals.


We’ve got plenty more ideas and we’d like to hear yours too.

Contact us with your suggestions and let’s do what we can while we #StayHome.

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