WasteAid UK’s conference in The Gambia, in partnership and with funding from the Arkleton Trust, will take place in April 2017. Attracting community waste management practitioners from across sub-Saharan Africa, the event will for the first time bring together experts in recycling in low-income countries.

The event will aim to:

  • Share and develop community waste management skills
  • Test the WasteAid Guide to Recycling and get feedback
  • Build long-lasting networks between WasteAid UK and community partners
  • Make sure the current needs and issues of community partners are understood by WasteAid UK in order to develop new programmes and projects
WasteAid UK Graduates from Brikama Waste Innovation Centre

WasteAid UK Graduates from Brikama Waste Innovation Centre, The Gambia

Mike Webster said: “We are delighted to be running the first ever Community Waste Management Conference in sub-Saharan Africa, which is hugely oversubscribed.  The Arkleton Trust is providing core funding to cover the venue and 30 delegates, and with more funding we could bring more people for what will be a unique opportunity to share skills and network.”

We support from our friends and colleagues, we can fund the attendance of more community waste managers including leaders from Cameroon, Malawi and Kenya. A donation of £2,000 would pay the travel for one individual. (Intra-African flights are expensive. Sadly due to visa restrictions it is not possible to fly the cheaper routes via Europe).

waste transfer Kenya_compressed

Poorly managed waste spreads disease and has a negative impact on billions of lives – this dump is in Kenya

Mike continued: “The opportunity to attend will be extremely valuable for the health, environment and economy of the hundreds of communities the delegates train. Without this knowledge, whole communities will continue to suffer from the dreadful impacts of toxic waste dumps. Any donation will make a tangible difference to thousands of lives. Solid waste is a sorely underfunded area globally and WasteAid is supported entirely by voluntary donations.”

“There has never been a conference and networking event aimed at community waste managers, there is no African Community Waste Network or similar organisation anywhere in the sub-continent. Most work in this area is top-down, with engineering led solutions. WasteAid UK is the only organisation committed to grassroots, community-led solutions for waste. This conference would be the first of its kind, as far as we can ascertain, ever.”

If you would like to support the event please contact info@wasteaid.org


Kumasi dumpsite in Ghana, with visitors to the site in the centre of the picture


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