WasteAid Festive Fundraiser

Last year we sat up and took notice of the Christmas jumper craze. Are you buying a new one this year? What are you planning to do with your old Christmas jumper?

Consumer campaign, Love Your Clothes, found that over 10 million people in the UK are likely to buy a Christmas jumper and 40% would wear them just once or twice.

The revenue generated from the sale of Christmas jumpers in the UK last year was £300 million. If that money went to charity instead of to the high street, in ten years we could raise a whopping £3 billion!

So, at the ever-inventive WasteAid Towers, we’ve hatched a plan:


Mike’s reindeer jumper – it’s a cutie

Happy Christmas Jumper Swap

Step 1: Mike takes a photo of his reindeer jumper from last year and emails it to Christmas@WasteAid.org.uk.

Step 2: We post the photo on our website with a big Thank You to Mike.

Step 3: Sally sees Mike’s jumper, she likes it. Sally pops to the WasteAid JustGiving site and donates £10, with a comment: “Donation for Mike’s reindeer jumper”.

Step 4: We tell Mike that his reindeer jumper has “sold”, and send him Sally’s address. Mike posts the jumper to Sally.

Results: Sally looks awesome in her new reindeer jumper, Mike’s cleared some clutter, and everyone can be happy that they’re supporting a hard-working charity at Christmas.

We’ve launched! Now’s the time to dig out your old Christmas jumpers and send the pics to Christmas@WasteAid.org.uk   

Take me to the jumpers!



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