This is a personal account provided to WasteAid through our eyewitness campaign.

Please describe the waste situation where you live. Is household waste collected and recycled, or is it dumped? How does it make you feel?

The situation of waste is alarming, household waste is simply dumped anywhere in town and in waterways and is never recycled. The mountain of waste is increasing every day. A few wastes are collected by the district town council to landfill sites. Most parts in Moroto town are in a mess because of waste especially polythene bags. I feel very bad about it as its leading to loss of diversity and environmental pollution.

Do people have to take their waste somewhere or is it collected and taken away from people’s homes? Is it transported by hand, cart or motor vehicle?

People just dump waste anywhere, near the road or in rivers or waterways, nobody collects waste from homes. And this is usually done by hands apart from town where occasionally it’s collected into motor vehicle to landfill sites.

How do most people deal with their waste? Are they generally happy with the situation or not? Why?

Waste products are normally burned when it becomes much in an area by just concerned citizens who don’t know the effect of burning it. Most people are not happy because places where wastes are dumped are in a mess and stinking.

Do you reduce your waste at home?

I always divide my waste into biodegradable and non biodegradable, the biodegradable one I make mine out it and the non biodegradable like polythene bags I keep compiling them in one big container, when it’s enough I melt it and mix it with sand and make bricks out of it. I have so far used the bricks to build a poultry shelter.

Are you aware of problems caused by waste where you live?

I have seen animals die because of swallowing polythene bags, birds etc.
I feel really bad when I see an innocent animal die because of careless people who don’t dump there wastes properly.

Are there any good things happening with waste that you would like to share?

So far here in Uganda, I know of one company in the capital that is trying to recycle polythene bags into roof tiles.
In Moroto and other towns country wide, waste products are still a mess.

If you could make one change in how waste is managed, what would it be and why?

My dream is to recycle waste into compound bricks and create employment to street kids who can help in correcting waste into one place. This will boost the economy of anyone who will be involved but most importantly protect the environment and provide durable building material long lasting.
I also if It was within my reach to sensitise everyone about the dangers of waste products and put collection centres for waste rather than dumping wastes all over.
As I recycle I intend to have a group of women trained to make some biodegradable carrier bags for shopping, so that in future we have a polythene bag free nation.

Who do you think is responsible for improving the waste situation?

Everybody is responsible for improving the waste situation as it affects everyone. It should not be left to the government or town council alone as resources may not be enough.

Imagine the year is 2030 and we are looking back at how humans solved the waste challenge. How did we do it? What do you think made the biggest impact?

It’s 2030 and we are glad humans solved the waste challenge through sensitisation, recycling and capacity building.
It has been possible because your commitment to this course through financial support and skills.

Final comments:

I would like to say thank you for this global initiative, and it will be my joy if you could support this project in Uganda too. Especially in Moroto where I am and later can be expanded to other areas country wide.

Thank you Kakuru, for joining the WasteAid movement.

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