Why we are backing WasteAid as our charity partner at The Recycling Event

By Paul Sanderson



From the very beginning of the development process for The Recycling Event, it was clear that it had to be different from other conferences.

We wanted to have an event that was interesting, collaborative and gave something back.

For a start, the recycling sector lacks a major conference that brings the different strands together with a compelling programme.

Secondly, most events are there for the benefit of the organisers. With The Recycling Event, it has always been about collaboration, which is why at the time of writing, nine trade associations are working with us to develop and organise the conference – to the extent that the programme was mostly their ideas. Hopefully, more trade associations will come on board too.

We were also a bit fed up with conferences dominated by the same men. While they obviously still have their place, we decided we needed a 50/50 gender split in our speaker programme, allowing us to bring in some fresh voices. There definitely won’t be any ‘manels’ at this event.

It was also obvious that it had to be cost-effective, both to attend and exhibit. With tickets starting at just £85+vat for entry, it also enables many people and companies to attend that might previously have found other conferences too expensive.

We have also been clear with the trade associations that we want them and us to give something back. Their collaborative efforts are helping The Recycling Event to happen. But we also thought it would be good to work with a charity partner, and ensure they get something too. Some events will provide a free stand or speaking slots to a charity and that is great. We decided to go a step further and make a donation of £5 from every ticket sold to our chosen charity.

There are a lot of good causes out there, but it was always obvious which charity we should work with.

WasteAid shares recycling skills around the world. While The Recycling Event is about developing the UK recycling industry, WasteAid is working with communities in developing countries to turn their waste into useful products. It is helping people to develop new businesses, create green jobs, improve public health and protect the environment.

With WasteAid sharing our values, and those of our trade association partners, it made complete sense to work with them. All being well, hundreds of people will attend The Recycling Event and we can then make a substantial donation to continue the fabulous work WasteAid is undertaking.

The Recycling Event takes place on 2 July 2019 at Ricoh Arena, Coventry. More information is available at https://therecyclingevent.com

Trade association partners include: The Recycling Association, Alupro, Confederation of Paper Industries, Resource Association, RECOUP, British Glass, Wood Recyclers Association, Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment and British Metals Recycling Association.

Paul Sanderson is managing director of Hanicke Robins Sanderson, which is undertaking the day-to-day organisation of The Recycling Event under the direction of the partner trade associations. 

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