In partnership with Al-Rahma Community Waste in Somaliland, Hargeisa

  • March 2017 – ongoing
  • Trained 30 people in community-led waste management
  • Developed a community recycling centre
  • 1.4 million people in a cleaner environment
  • WasteAid carried out the country’s first ever waste composition analysis

Part of the poorest country in the world, only 15% of waste is collected in Hargeisa, leaving a city full of illegal dumpsites, burning waste and  poor public health. WasteAid worked with the Danish Refugee Council and a local organisation, Al-Rahma, to campaign for better waste management, set up local recycling businesses and work with the local municipality and waste collection companies to clear and prevent illegal dumping.

WasteAid shares simple waste management know-how with communities in low-income countries.

Our projects help reduce the negative impacts of waste, create jobs, improve health and protect the local and global environment.

Please explore our projects and photo galleries. To download the WasteAid 2016/17 Impact Report (pdf) click here.

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