Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have had to postpone some of our biggest fundraising events of the year.

Waste collectors around the world are putting themselves at risk to collect waste and help protect communities from the spread of disease. We have switched all our campaigns to focus on the needs of waste collectors and waste pickers in lower-income countries.

Please support our special appeal and help waste workers across the world stay safe.

All things change and we look forward to brighter days when we can gather together once more and celebrate the heroes that helped us through.


Walk for WasteAid 2020: Bristol and Yorkshire

The Walk for WasteAid is growing in popularity, and this year there will be two to choose from, in Bristol and Bingley.

“It is so great that on our fifth year of holding this important fundraising and awareness event, we will have two events on the same day,” said organiser Sally Talbot. “Having two events for people to choose from will mean even more people have the opportunity join in and get involved with WasteAid.”

The Walk for WasteAid 2020 will be raising money to start up community waste management in some of the poorest parts of the world.

By sharing waste management and recycling skills, WasteAid is empowering people in poverty to create long-term solutions for waste, preventing it from being dumped and burned.

With a tandem event, the WasteAid team are hoping to raise more money than ever to help tackle poverty, pollution and climate change.


Lush & Leafy Bristol

Sally Talbot and the SW team are hoping for at least 75 people to join the Bristol Walk for WasteAid.

With over half a million people, Bristol is the largest city in the south west. It was the first UK city to be awarded European Green City Status in 2015. The environmental movement in Bristol is strong and the WasteAid team are hoping to harness that passion at this year’s walk.

Yvonne Pearce at CIWM SW has planned a superb route through the city taking in key sights including the Clifton Suspension Bridge, SS Great Britain, Banksy paintings, the docks and Clifton Downs. Bristol boasts over 450 parks and green spaces, proportionally more than any other UK city. The circular walk will cover around 15 miles and will take in a selection of these (though not all).

Sally Talbot said, “We hope the Bristol event will be both challenging and interesting for those taking part, as the 15mile route will involve ascending and descending up to 1000 ft across the day taking in some of Bristol’s iconic scenery.”

“Both events aim to promote awareness of WasteAid and the work we do, as well as highlight the importance of waste issues affecting developing countries across the globe.”

Legendary Yorkshire

“It is wonderful to bring the Walk for WasteAid to Yorkshire and celebrate its fifth year,” said Gill Mulroe. “As a Centre Councillor for the North East CIWM Centre and as a Biffa employee I will be wearing dual hats for the task of arranging the walk. I will be collaborating with our members in the North and various waste management companies to ensure we raise funds to support the great work WasteAid are doing worldwide and raise this as a key focus as part of everyone’s waste management plans.

“I hope this event becomes a future walk within Yorkshire and part of the North East CIWM annual event calendar.”

The Yorkshire team led by Gill Mulroe have set themselves a challenge of 50 people to sign up for the walk that will take in the beautiful stretch of the Leeds Liverpool Canal from Bingley 5 rise locks to Skipton.

A flat walk, along the toe paths, The Gateway to the North Yorkshire Moors, think Bronte Country, Jayne Ayer, Wuthering Hights, The Railway Children. An area famous for the industrial revolution, filled with woollen mills; an area where people migrated to for work, including during the Irish potato famine.

Bingley 5 rise locks is the steepest lock staircase in Britain. The route is 13 miles ending in Skipton the home of the 900-year medieval castle.



Turn concern into action

Global challenges of poverty, plastic pollution and climate change can seem too big for any of us to make an impact. At WasteAid, we turn concern into action by working with community leaders and environmental champions around the world. With this year’s Walk for WasteAid, we will be raising money for two key partnerships, in Cameroon and India.

Plastic recycling training centre in Cameroon

Work has started on our plastics recycling training centre in Cameroon. Rivers of plastic waste meet at the Cameroon estuary, spilling tonnes of pollution into the Atlantic Ocean.

At the WasteAid training centre, hundreds of young unemployed people will learn to become plastic recycling entrepreneurs. They will be empowered to fight plastic pollution at its source, and create a healthier environment – on land and in the sea – for future generations.

Rural waste management in India

In Rajasthan, northern India, 70% of households dump their waste in lanes and fields, and 30% burn their waste at home. Almost all women burn plastic in their cooking stoves.

WasteAid and local partner Barefoot College are aiming to deliver community-based training in safe waste disposal, and provide basic infrastructure so that hundreds of families can live healthier lives and avoid polluting the air, land and water they rely upon.

All the money raised through the Walk for WasteAid will support these two initiatives, meaning a positive impact on two continents and for many thousands of people. Join the Walk for WasteAid and turn concern into action.


**We will invite you to sign up once we have rescheduled the event**

Whichever Walk for WasteAid you join, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience!

  • Come along by yourself or join as a team.
  • Free litterpickers on request, re-usable water bottle available to purchase.
  • Free WasteAid T-shirt to wear (optional) – please tell us your size when booking.
  • Route map, midpoint stop, free snacks and water refill point, souvenir medal at finish.
  • Everyone is welcome, and there is no obligation to complete the full walk.


Those sign-up instructions again…

Step 1: Sign up – only £10 for adults and free for kids!

Step 2: Set up a JustGiving page and start raising sponsorship money (let’s all aim for at least £50)

Step 3: Come along on 20 June and help make a positive impact around the world

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