Waste collectors help keep our communities clean and healthy, yet their valuable work often goes unrecognised.

It’s important to us at WasteAid HQ that we keep supporting our waste management teams around the world through Spring 2020. Our fundraising events are postponed, so we’ve been hatching plans to keep you involved, physically fit and having fun, while fundraising for WasteAid!

Supporting waste collectors 

People working with waste are often the among poorest in society, with no access to protective clothing, disinfectant or running water. At WasteAid we’re working with sector specialists to produce urgent guidance for waste picker cooperatives, private waste collectors, community groups and municipalities to help keep waste workers healthy.

Some of our partner teams have put activities on hold temporarily and are losing much-needed income, whereas others need to continue providing waste collection services and need extra support.

Of course we have also had to postpone our own fundraising events, so we are asking you directly to please donate to WasteAid and help make a difference, today.

Fundraise for us

What novel and fun ways can you think of to fundraise while practicing social distancing?

It’s easy to fundraise directly for WasteAid: simply set up a JustGiving account and link your page to the WasteAid appeal Waste Collectors Rock!

Connect with us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and share your fundraiser with all your friends. The more people who understand the importance of waste collectors for public health, the better.


Fundraising at home? Are we serious?

While it might sound a bit unconventional, fundraising at home can be enormous fun!

Check out some ideas from the wonderfully creative folk at WasteAid HQ, or invent your own.

Ideas for a WasteAid fundraiser

We can’t wait to hear about the creative ways you find to make a positive impact, from home.

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