WasteAid Public Update: Coronavirus


WasteAid takes the safety and wellbeing of our staff, partners and beneficiaries very seriously. While there is a heightened risk to health from coronavirus it is important that we review the situation regularly.

We have today taken the decision to instruct our partners around the world to cease all WasteAid project activities, with immediate effect. This includes meetings, use of public transport, waste handling, and any other activities related to delivering WasteAid projects.

Today is Global Recycling Day and we encourage everyone to spare a thought for the millions of people working hard to collect, sort, recycle and dispose of waste safely.

We remain committed to our partners and to the positive and impactful work we are doing together and we undertake to support them financially through this difficult time. We look forward to a time when we can resume our activities and carry on building safer and healthier communities.

If you would like to support WasteAid and partners during this challenging time please make a donation at wasteaid.org/donate.

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