Zoë Lenkiewicz and Mike Webster of WasteAid are to be hosting the second in their series of webinars in partnership with be Waste Wise.

Sign up for free to participate and have the opportunity to put your questions to the WasteAid team. Can’t make it? No problem – all the webinars will be available to watch online for free, shortly after each event.

Meet the WasteAid team in our webinar series on community waste management, organised and hosted by be Waste Wise.


1.When waste isn’t collected! First steps to community waste management. 11 April 18

Empowering your community to manage their own waste could save lives and create jobs. What do you do if you are living in a place where the waste isn’t collected? This webinar will show how places without waste collection suffer in terms of ill health, poor environment and adverse economic impacts. It will consider how you could act, share lessons from success stories and help you plan your next steps.

Watch the first webinar here.


2. NEXT… Growing your waste recycling business: Cleaning the planet and creating jobs. 11 July 18

It’s one thing to want set up a recycling business, it’s another to make it work. We will run through the principles of identifying end markets, maximising the quality of your product, and making a profit.

Register here.




3.Setting up and growing your organic waste management initiative. 19 September 18

Food waste and woody material are available everywhere. Instead of allowing this material to attract vermin and become a nuisance, it can be processed into compost (soil fertiliser) or cooking fuel. We will discuss simple ways of handling and processing organic waste to maximise the end-value in financial and environmental terms.


4.Managing plastics in your community and the environment. 28 November 2018

Plastic waste blocks our drains, pollutes our seas and chokes our livestock. This webinar will cover how to identify, collect and reprocess a number of different of plastic types using simple and practical approaches.


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