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WasteAid has been fortunate enough to benefit from a long-term ‘Proud Partnership’ with Biffa. Our partnership puts Biffa’s corporate purpose ‘to change the way people think about waste’ front and centre, positioning them as a leading enabler of green infrastructure and the circular economy.

This strategic alignment has been a true game-changer for WasteAid, as Biffa’s support has enabled the charity to grow and develop its infrastructure to support further projects globally. Moreover, Biffa’s generous core funding has been expanded further by its own employees. 10,000 staff from across Biffa have thrown themselves behind the partnership and delivered some extraordinary fundraising feats.

Michael Topham, Chief Executive Officer at Biffa, said: “Pollution from poorly managed waste affects us all, whether that’s the impact on our health, marine plastic pollution or climate change.

“We’re really proud to continue our partnership with WasteAid in parts of the world that urgently need to tackle the complex issue of how to manage waste in a sustainable manner.”