About Us

WasteAid is a UK-based non-governmental organisation working with communities and policy makers in low and middle-income countries to implement waste management and recycling programmes. Our work improves the livelihoods of some of the poorest and most marginalised, promotes circular economy innovation and contributes to a cleaner and healthier future for all.

The concept of WasteAid was initially developed a couple of years prior to its registration in the UK in 2015, by two international waste managers, Simon Penney and Rachel Wildblood, who recognised the dire need for waste management in many areas of the world and the positive role an organisation like WasteAid could play in tackling the global waste crisis. This was quickly followed by an initial £15,000 grant secured from UK’s Resource and Waste Management’s Ambassadors Scheme by one of the organisation’s founding trustees, Ray Georgeson. Simon Penney and Rachel Wildblood also went on to serve on WasteAid’s first ever board of trustees. Since those early days, WasteAid has been supported in its journey over the years by a dedicated team of staff, volunteers and supporters each and every one has been integral to its success.

With funding from institutional donors, corporate partners and trusts and foundations WasteAid delivers waste management interventions where they are most needed. Our work supports the development of the nascent waste collection and recycling sector, to create livelihood opportunities and prevent pollution from waste.

We also run Circular Economy Network projects to promote and nurture grassroots innovation, believing that the best solutions to the waste crisis often come from the people living with it every day. Our mixed portfolio gives us a unique insight into the range of opportunities to turn waste from a pollution problem into an economic opportunity.

We work closely with governments, municipalities, businesses and community-based organisations to bring about the change that is urgently needed.