WasteAid International is a network of independent charities, set up by waste management professionals to deliver practical and low-cost waste services for disadvantaged communities.

We work with local partners and donor organisations to implement long-lasting projects, enabling people to improve their environment, health and local economy.

Each WasteAid charity has its own structure and governance, delivering projects that capitalise on specific waste management skills and knowledge.

Crucially, the WasteAid family is campaigning to encourage the donor community to increase spending on waste management from 0.3% to 3% of international aid.

Together, we can make lasting change.

WasteAid Webinar

WasteAid recently held a webinar on the Global Waste Management Outlook, chaired by Professor David C Wilson.

WasteAid UK

WasteAid UK is working with partners in The Gambia and Senegal, training people in recycling technologies so they can improve their livelihoods, health and local economy.

WasteAid Australia

WasteAid Australia is developing sustainable waste management projects with discrete Aboriginal communities in New South Wales.

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