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WasteAid shares waste management and recycling skills in the world’s poorest places.

1 in 3 people worldwide have to dump or burn their waste, causing the spread of disease, polluting the oceans and adding to the climate crisis.

Together with our partners, we develop waste collection and recycling programmes to build a cleaner and healthier future. You can help.


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SPECIAL RESOURCES – COVID-19 and waste management

WasteAid safety guidance for waste collectors in lower-income countries


Ready to print posters  

Working with waste? COVID-19 Manage the risks

Managing our waste safely

Respect your waste collection crew

Thanks to friends at ISSL, Open University and Barefoot College for help developing these guidelines.


UNEP Factsheets on COVID-19 and Waste ManagementWasteAid welcomes the COVID-19 and Waste Management factsheets published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP):

The United Nations Environment Programme COVID-19 Waste Management Factsheets provide guidance on how to mitigate the adverse impacts of the pandemic on the global environment.

UN Environment Programme

WasteAid toolkit for community waste management

Our award-winning WasteAid toolkit, Making Waste Work, helps people start up community waste management and recycling businesses, keep neighbourhoods clean, and generate an income. Visit the toolkit for technical and safety tips and more ideas for turning waste into useful products. #makingwastework

Watch: How to turn plastic bags into paving tiles (youtube)

Explore the full WasteAid toolkit and 12 how-to guides

Spanish toolkit: Residuos Útiles: Una caja de herramientas

Celebrating two years of the WasteAid toolkit!


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Be part of the WasteAid movement calling for better waste management for all. By acting now we can help protect future generations from serious pollution, the spread of diseases, and the harmful impacts of climate change.


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Inspiration and ideas

Be inspired by stories of people making waste work in their communities. Send us your ideas and stories about transforming waste materials into something useful. #makingwastework

Can you solve a WasteAid challenge?

A school built from plastic bottles in Cambodia

Innovating with agricultural waste in India

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With your support more people can create recycling jobs, building a healthier future for everyone.

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