Payroll Giving

Set up payroll giving

Payroll giving is an easy and convenient way to make a regular donation direct from your salary to help communities around the world tackle the waste crisis. An added bonus is that giving to WasteAid through your payroll is also tax-efficient, as any donation is taken after National Insurance, but before tax. This means that a donation of £5 per month actually costs you only £4 from your take-home pay (at 20% tax) or £3 (at 40% tax).

We LOVE our payroll givers. A regular gift through payroll giving allows WasteAid to plan ahead and ultimately, means that we can support more people to create a cleaner and healthier environment.

Ask your HR or payroll team if they operate a payroll giving scheme, or otherwise visit our Payroll Giving sign up page here – it’s very quick and easy to sign up. And if you are a payroll giving superstar, why not share the love with your colleagues? That way your positive impact will continue to grow each and every month!