I'd like to make a donation

Very happy to help you! We can accept immediate donations via credit card using the Stripe secure payment gateway. You can also set up regular giving and (if you're a UK tax pay) apply Gift Aid.

Please click here to visit our donations page.

I'd like WasteAid to attend my event

If you're running an event and would like us to come we'd be happy to discuss it with you. Maybe you'd like someone to come and talk about our work, or maybe you're running a trade show and would like us to attend, run a workshop or have a stand. Whatever it is, let's talk - click here and tell us all about it.

Can I volunteer for WasteAid?

If you’d like to register as a volunteer, please complete the form on our Volunteering page.

I'd like my organisation to partner with WasteAid

WasteAid works in partnership with a wide range of organisations to deliver lasting change.

If you would like to partner with WasteAid on a recycling and waste management initiative we'd be interested in hearing from you. Please see our Partner with WasteAid page.


I want to tell you about waste where I live

Your stories of waste around the world are powerful. If you would like to share your experiences with waste where you live, please visit our Eyewitness Campaign.

I'm interested in being a corporate supporter

There are many ways we can partner with you. Please visit our CSR page to learn about how we work with business partners and where the different options for partnerships are discussed in depth.

I have raised money for WasteAid

That's fantastic, thank you! We have stories from other fundraisers in the WasteAid Hall of Fame, and we'd love to hear all about your fundraising as well.

Please visit the WasteAid Hall of Fame and tell us all about it!

I'm interested in working for WasteAid

To see jobs currently available with WasteAid, please visit our Jobs page.

I need some advice on waste management

You've come to the right place! WasteAid specialise in providing community-based waste management, and we have produced an award-winning toolkit where you can learn all about basic waste management, and read and download how-to guides about composting, making plastic floor tiles, and much, much more. Click here for the WasteAid toolkit.

I'd like to know about the photo competition

The WasteAid photography competition for 2020 continues the theme “The Wonders of Waste”.

“Waste” materials don’t have to spread disease and cause pollution and climate change. Managed in a sustainable way, these waste materials become valuable resources, reducing our demand for fossil fuels, mining, deforestation and resource-intensive agriculture.

Click here to learn more about the competition.

The competition for 2020 is now closed. Details of winners will be posted on the site soon.

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