Bunzl logoWasteAid has been working with Bunzl plc since 2020, providing infrastructure, training and employment to support livelihoods in recycling in Indonesia and Cameroon. Our successful partnership has since expanded, with two new initiatives in Cameroon and South Africa, continuing to drive our people-centric approach.

In Cameroon, our project will reduce plastic pollution and enable waste workers to access a sustainable livelihood by providing training on the collection, segregation and recycling of plastics, as well as accessing a community MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) that WasteAid is establishing with support of the local municipality.

In South Africa, Bunzl’s support will work to economically empower 50 waste-collectors from low-income communities, providing access to professional business support and an innovative entrepreneurial challenge fund.

James Pitcher, Head of Sustainability, on behalf of Bunzl plc, comments: “One of the reasons why we wanted to link up with WasteAid was to find a mutually beneficial relationship where both organisations could grow and achieve something that would have been impossible if we had tried on our own. Plastics pollution and climate change are becoming the defining challenges of our time. But few people understand the human side of the story, the issues that we face are often caused by large populations with poor infrastructure. WasteAid’s projects help communities in lower-income countries set up waste collection and recycling services that protect the environment and provide livelihood opportunities. We are delighted to be supporting WasteAid as it continues its work in Cameroon, while giving grassroots initiatives in South Africa the support they need to grow.”