musicMagpie logoIn celebration of the G7 taking place in Cornwall in summer 2021, WasteAid was delighted to partner with musicMagpie on its ‘Mount Recyclemore’ campaign. Not only did this mean WasteAid was mentioned in the attention-grabbing campaign highlighting the global problem of e-waste, but we also benefitted from a very generous donation, part of which helped us to develop an online e-waste hub to managing e-waste, a growing issue in the countries in which we work.

Steve Oliver, founder and CEO at musicMagpie says: E-waste is a growing problem worldwide and its impact on the environment is significant. If sent to landfills, e-waste can leak harmful chemicals into the soil and water or if incinerated, fumes release chemicals into the air, contributing to global warming. Not only this, but everything from our phones to our laptops rely heavily on precious materials to operate, which are not only limited resources, but also directly impact climate change when being extracted from the earth”.