Turning waste into wisdom: Meet Mpho Motatinyane

Despite life throwing many obstacles in her path Mpho Motatinyane has never given up on her passion for caring for others and educating her community’s youngsters. She has combined an unrelenting determination with an entrepreneurial spirit to set up a budding business that turns waste cardboard into teaching cards for children.

The mother of two has always been willing to go the extra mile to turn her dreams into reality. From working to support herself through college to setting up a creche when she was unable to find childcare.  More recently, Mpho has turned her attention to the piles of discarded cardboard boxes and paper generated by her son’s school tuckshop.  She realised that there could be an opportunity to recycle these and turn them into something useful rather than the waste being dumped or burned.

She decided to try turning them into spelling and educational cards for his fellow students.