WasteAid shares simple waste management know-how with communities in low-income countries.

Our projects help reduce the negative impacts of waste, create jobs, improve health and protect the local and global environment.

Please explore our projects and photo galleries. To download the WasteAid 2016/17 Impact Report (pdf) click here.

Innovation in plastic recycling

WasteAid's pilot project proves that everyone can help stop plastic pollution.Turning plastic waste into durable products is what WasteAid's plastics recycling specialist Pierre Kamsouloum does best. In a coastal village in the Gambia, Pierre and the WasteAid team...

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Help protect the fragile wildlife of the Cameroon estuary

Widening the Net: keep our rivers and seas plastic free Our UK Aid Match appeal is raising money to keep our rivers and seas plastic-free. We want to save the precious marine wildlife of the Cameroon estuary from plastic pollution. Our aim is to train hundreds of...

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The Gambia: Plastics recycling training update

WasteAid is training a team in the coastal village of Gunjur, the Gambia, to capture and recycle ocean-bound plastics. This is a two-year project funded by UK Aid, under the Small Charities Challenge Fund. It is a pilot project to demonstrate the viability of this...

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WasteAid launches UK Aid Match campaign

Help more people benefit from green recycling jobs in some of the world’s poorest places. Empower them to keep plastic out of the ocean and create a healthier future for everyone. On 1 May we launched our UK Aid Match appeal, Widening the Net. We also celebrated the...

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Volunteer Voices: plastics recycling training in the Gambia

Victoria Manning of Vitaka Consulting Ltd joined the WasteAid team in Gunjur, the Gambia, for our first plastics recycling training session. Read about Vic's experience in a place with no waste management.As a chartered town planner with a specialism in waste, I am...

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WasteAid Eyewitness Campaign

Your stories of waste around the world are powerful. Let's join together to influence decision-makers and help sort the waste crisis for future generations.   To harness people power, we have decided to launch the Eyewitness campaign. The aim is to gather case...

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Cleaning the poorest communities in Islamabad

It’s always the poorest who live in the dirtiest places and suffer ill health as a result. Why? Because they can’t afford private waste collections and the government tends to ignore them. That’s why the Pakistan Mission Society, supported by Tearfund, has...

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Training a community recycling team

Part of the poorest country in the world, only 15% of waste is collected in Hargeisa, leaving a city full of illegal dumpsites, burning waste and poor public health.

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Recycling for sustainable livelihoods

We worked with the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Catholic Diocese in far northern Ghana, to clean up communities, making them healthier places to live and grow up in, and also create jobs and income.

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