The work of Youma Wally-Ndow, owner of sustainable fashion brand, GamPlus clothing in The Gambia.

In December 2023, WasteAid and CIWM through its Circular Economy Network (CEN) in The Gambia supported one of the most enterprising, passionate, and committed members of the network, Youma Wally-Ndong, owner of the sustainable fashion brand GamPlus Clothing, to participate in a major fashion event in The Gambia

The event allowed Youma to show beautiful and stylistic designs, sourced from used second-hand clothing and locally made fabrics. As one of the leading voices in promoting sustainable fashion in The Gambia, the CEN funded the participation of Youma in the annual Fashion Weekend Gambia – a popular weekend-long fashion event attended by people in fashion and business.

This was an opportunity to show how the network can be used to support members to advance their ideas and innovations in promoting circularity and sustainable development practices in their various sectors or industries. The support to GamPlus Clothing also allowed other Circular Economy Network members in fashion and design to work closely with Youma, and be mentored to create sustainably sourced designs.