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Together, we can beat plastic pollution, deliver climate action and support green livelihoods where they are most needed.

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By donating to WasteAid, you will be helping to create a world where waste causes no harm and people are empowered to recover it’s value.

  • £15 could provide the tools to turn woody waste into sustainable cooking fuel
  • £50 could provide 10 bulk bags to enable waste collectors to collect more plastic waste and prevent it from going to landfill
  • £250 could provide a set of digital scales to ensure transparency and fair payment for waste collectors


Organise a fundraising event

People around the world are having fun whilst raising funds for WasteAid. Whether individually, or as part of a group or club (schools, sports, Scouts, WI, Church, Rotary etc.), we appreciate each and every one of our fundraisers. From a sponsored walk or litter-pick, to a bake-off or milestone celebration, our Fundraising Toolkit can help make your event a success.

Complete this contact form to let us know your plans, we love to hear about the wonderful things WasteAiders do to create a cleaner and healthier world for all, and we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU! A simple shout out to your connections can go a long way in boosting our cause on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, so please remember to tag us in your social posts: @WasteAid

It’s easy to pay in any funds you have raised to WasteAid. To pay in online, please use our online payment function here. Alternatively, fill in the contact form and request a paying-in slip.

Finally, if you are looking for an easy way to collect sponsorship for your fundraising event, please visit our partner pages at GivePenny and JustGiving where you can set up a personalised fundraising page in aid of WasteAid. They also provide lots of support and advise to help your fundraising go as well as it can.


Make a regular donation

When you donate to WasteAid, you’re helping communities to tackle the waste crisis at grassroots level, halting the harmful emissions and poor living conditions caused by burning waste, and stopping plastic from reaching our oceans.

Regular giving helps WasteAid to plan ahead. For the price of a weekly cup of coffee, you can make lasting change to communities impacted by a lack of waste management.

Donate Now

If you are a UK taxpayer, please remember to tick the Gift Aid box, adding another 25p on every £1 raised at no further cost to you.


Set up payroll giving

Payroll giving is an easy and convenient way to make a regular donation direct from your salary to help communities around the world tackle the waste crisis. An added bonus is that giving to WasteAid through your payroll is also tax-efficient, as any donation is taken after National Insurance, but before tax. This means that a donation of £5 per month actually costs you only £4 from your take-home pay (at 20% tax) or £3 (at 40% tax).

We LOVE our payroll givers. A regular gift through payroll giving allows WasteAid to plan ahead and ultimately, means that we can support more people to create a cleaner and healthier environment.

Ask your HR or payroll team if they operate a payroll giving scheme, or otherwise visit our Payroll Giving sign up page here – it’s very quick and easy to sign up. And if you are a payroll giving superstar, why not share the love with your colleagues? That way your positive impact will continue to grow each and every month!


Leave a legacy

After looking after your family and friends, leaving a gift in your will to WasteAid will ensure you can keep making a difference to communities around the world, and to the future of our planet, long after your lifetime.

1 in 3 people around the world have never had their rubbish collected, leaving them with no option other than to dump or burn their waste. Whole towns and cities become unhealthy places to grow up in, and DIY waste disposal ends up polluting the oceans and contributing to climate change.

Even a small gift can have a huge impact here at WasteAid, where we work closely with communities to ensure we deliver locally appropriate solutions, to solve the growing waste challenge. When you choose to support WasteAid, you are helping to create green jobs for young people in some of the poorest parts of the world. Recycling is an area full of exciting grassroots innovation, and all it needs is the chance to grow.

Leaving a gift to WasteAid in your will is one of the best ways to fund our work into the future, helping us to meet the challenges of the years ahead. With 35% of people saying they would consider including a gift to charity after providing for their family and friends in their will, but only 7% of people actually doing so, there is huge potential to increase funds raised from legacies for important causes such as ours.

Making a will is usually straightforward and inexpensive. We recommend you seek professional advice, and seek out a will-writing service or solicitor who are specialists in this area, to help guide you through the will-writing process. If you are considering leaving a gift in your will to support communities around the world through the waste crisis and would like an informal discussion, please contact Jessica Stickland, Head of Development using this contact form.