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WasteAid photography exhibition at RWM

The WasteAid photography exhibition will be on display at RWM, in partnership with CIWM. Images on display will include entries to the 2019 Photography Competition "The Wonders of Waste", plus some of the striking photos taken for the current UK Aid Match campaign in...

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WasteAid and KMEG in Naivasha, Kenya

At the end of April, Biffa’s Dean Willet and WasteAid’s Mike Webster headed out to Kwa Muhia on the shores of Lake Naivasha to see how WasteAid’s UKAid funded project with the Kwa Muhia Environmental Group (KMEG) was progressing. Kicking off at the beginning of 2019,...

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Innovation in plastic recycling

WasteAid's pilot project proves that everyone can help stop plastic pollution.Turning plastic waste into durable products is what WasteAid's plastics recycling specialist Pierre Kamsouloum does best. In a coastal village in the Gambia, Pierre and the WasteAid team...

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WasteAid launches UK Aid Match campaign

Help more people benefit from green recycling jobs in some of the world’s poorest places. Empower them to keep plastic out of the ocean and create a healthier future for everyone. On 1 May we launched our UK Aid Match appeal, Widening the Net. We also celebrated the...

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WasteAid partners with waste management company Biffa

WasteAid partners with waste management company Biffa to tackle global waste issues Biffa will share its experience and expertise to make a genuine difference in communities without waste management Biffa plc, a leading UK integrated waste management company, today...

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Walk for WasteAid 2019 Manchester 6 July

Join the Walk for WasteAid and help save the oceans from plastic waste.Join us on our epic fundraiser and help to stop ocean plastic pollution. Your sponsorship will go directly towards training people living near the Cameroon estuary to stop plastic waste reaching...

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WasteAid Eyewitness Campaign

Your stories of waste around the world are powerful. Let's join together to influence decision-makers and help sort the waste crisis for future generations.   To harness people power, we have decided to launch the Eyewitness campaign. The aim is to gather case...

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Visualising Rivers of Plastic

Most of the plastic in the oceans comes from land-based sources in parts of the world without decent waste management.John Nelson of ESRI has produced a unique, vintage-themed map that visualises the amount of plastic polluting major rivers around the world. Plastic...

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Volunteer Voices: My Week with Waste in the Gambia

Jen Robertson, Senior Project Manager at Keep Britain Tidy and WasteAid volunteer has been supporting the UK Aid-funded plastics recycling programme in the Gambia. Whilst still considering myself a relative newbie to the professional waste world, it took...

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Cleaning the poorest communities in Islamabad

It’s always the poorest who live in the dirtiest places and suffer ill health as a result. Why? Because they can’t afford private waste collections and the government tends to ignore them. That’s why the Pakistan Mission Society, supported by Tearfund, has...

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Mapping the future of waste management in Uganda

How do you go about mapping the waste of an entire country, where formal waste management only exists on a small scale? WasteAid spoke with Taremwa Sam, who is leading the programme to map Uganda’s waste management service delivery. After...

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BBC: Drowning in plastic

BBC One has broadcast its feature-length documentary Drowning in Plastic. Liz Bonnin reveals the full scale of the world’s plastic problem and its impact on wildlife, exploring ways in which science can offer a solution. Our blue planet is facing one its...

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